Passport Tatted Internships - We are seeking dedicated individuals that have experience with and would like to gain internship experience in relation to graphic design, marketing, business development, and accounting.  If you have any of the aforementioned skills or would like to gain experience within marketing, graphic design, accounting, and/ or business development; we would love to have you.

Marketing Intern - Developing marketing content and campaigns to increase clientele

  • Duties will include:

    • Developing budgets for the execution of marketing campaigns

    • Performing marketing analysis and research

    • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data from marketing campaigns

    • Creating campaigns to bring awareness to the brand

    • Conducting marketing research to identify market segments

    • Enhancing social media presence through idea creativity

    • Developing strategic marketing plans to grow the business

Graphic Design Intern - Create marketing materials and enhance branding

  • uties will include:

    • Creating and presenting concept

    • Enhancing messaging and graphics to appeal to different target audiences

    • Creating file management of all graphics and media content

    • Developing marketing materials (flyers, posters, logos, social media posts, etc.) to market the company

Business Development Intern - Assist administration in creating ways to grow the business

  • uties will include:

    • Identifying untapped markets and create innovative ideas to reach potential clients

    • Assisting with the implementation of business growth strategies

    • Meeting with the President daily to create ideas and strategy for business growth

Accounting Intern - Create budgets and track company expenses

  • Duties will include:

    • Handling sensitive or confidential information with honesty and integrity

    • Working with bookkeeping software

    • Assisting with reconciling accounts

    • Overseeing all budgets of the company to ensure they are included in bi-weekly finance report

    • Tracking all company expenses and generate a bi-weekly report of finances

Each intern would be required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Please note: These internships are unpaid and will receive a significant discount to travel with Passports Tatted as well as subsidized first time passport fees (for interns without a passport) in exchange for compensation.

If interested in an internship, please complete the Passports Tatted Opportunity Application below.

Passports Tatted Opportunity Application

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