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The Round Up (TRU) is an out of the country gathering of college students during Spring Break where he cool kids link up, party, enjoy excursions; ultimately have the experience of a lifetime without having to plan anything and thus creating The TRU Xperience.


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Spring Break 2019 - Cancun, Mexico

March 10th - 15th, 2019

  • Roundtrip flight from Orlando, FL to Cancun, Mexico

  • Housing accommodations in Cancun, Mexico

  • All food for the week

  • All drinks & alcoholic beverages (Drinking age is 18 in Mexico!)

  • Parties

  • Beach games

  • Entertainment

  • Restaurants

  • Activities

    *Does not include taxes. Payment plans available soon.

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Are you eager to gain marketing experience? Are you a passionate and self-motivated individual? Looking for a flexible and fun working environment? Then The TRU Xperience Ambassador program is the right fit for you!

The TRU Xperience is looking to hire the most driven students across the nation to be our eyes and ears on campus. We are looking for creative and motivated students who would like to assist with the new Spring Break move for 2019! All majors are welcomed! You'll get to work closely with our  marketing team at Passports Tatted and receive hands-on training to create and execute campaigns to promote The TRU Xperience's brand on campus!  

Your tasks will include executing brand marketing strategies from events to guerilla marketing, connecting The TRU Xperience with on-campus organizations, and using social media to promote The TRU Xperience events. It will be your goal to make sure everyone on campus knows about The TRU Xperience!

- Promote and execute events on-campus
- Provide ideas for promoting The TRU Xperience on your campus
- Leverage your social media to tell people about events and The TRU Xperience
- Connect The TRU Xperience with on-campus organizations and events
- Use your referral code to get students to sign up for The TRU Xperience
- Have fun!

You are paid on a per referral basis plus bonuses! Top performing Ambassadors can earn over $1K/semester.

- $100 off your trip
- Free TRU Gear
- Internship/Community Service credit
- Host Committee for TRU X 2019 (If available to attend)
- Compensation


- Tell us why you would be a great TRU Ambassador.
- Follow @TheTruXperience on IG.

Email the video along with your name, IG name, University name, classification, and year of graduation to