Past Trips

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2018 Passports Tatted Trip

Country: Ghana

City: Accra


2018 Passports Tatted Too Trip

Country:  Jamaica

City:  Montego Bay, Negril & Ocho Rios


2017 Passports Tatted Trip

Country:  The Netherlands & Germany

City:  Amsterdam & Berlin


2016 Passports Tatted Trip

Country:  Thailand

City:  Bangkok, Koh Phangan, & Koh Phi Phi


2015 Passports Tatted Trip

Country:  Costa Rica

City:  Jaco & San Jose


2014 Passports Tatted Trip

Country:  Brazil

City:  Rio de Janeiro


2013 Passports Tatted Trip

Country:  Canada

City:  Toronto


Passports Tatted Too

Passports Tatted Too is a group dedicated to women and there will be a group trip for both the men of Passports Tatted & the women of Passports Tatted Too.  So for all the women who have asked to travel with us or asked when will women be able to join, now is your chance.  


This summer, Passports Tatted Too took their first trip to Jamaica.  This was the first time the ladies joined us on a trip and they made the trip a success.  Between Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios, Jamaica showed us a great time.  Great vibes, great excursions, great music, great food, and great friends.

The trip to Jamaica definitely kicked off my year of firsts with a bang! At the beginning of the year I decided I would step out of that horrid box that we tend to put ourselves in. The trip met ALL of my expectations, from my first flight (yes I cried) to the sound of customs stamping my passport for the first time. Meeting and getting to know all of the others that attended the trip was absolutely pleasurable. The bus rides to and from all of the excursions was a pure D trip lol. Cliff diving, snorkeling and waterfall climbing was amazing. I guess it’s safe to say I had an all around amazing time! #GoodVibes #GreatPeople
— Brandi Carter
I truly enjoyed my experience with Passport Tatted. I was disappointed i missed the photo shoot in the yellow t-shirts because of missing my flight, but overall i enjoyed the trip. I loved going to Ocho Rios and experiencing another culture and their customs. It was a pleasure to meet new faces and try new adventures with close friends. I look forward to being able to go on the next Passport Tatted experience.
— Tiffany Newell
My Passport Tatted experience was awesome! It was well organized from accommodations to activities. What I enjoyed the most about the trip was the vibes and new friendships that developed. This trip brought me laughter and good memories. I look forward to any possible Passport Tatted Too trip in the future.
— Brittany Abrams
My trip back to the Mother Land was amazing, eye opening, life changing, and very informative. I made new friends, and became closer with others I already knew, all thanks to Passports Tatted. They had a vision years ago to show the world that men of color in fact do travel. This was my first trip with them and it was pretty much seamless. I laughed, I cried, and I tapped into different parts of myself that I have yet to use before.

I really enjoyed the accommodations that were made in advance. I like the fact that the itinerary was set to include everyone. I was also happy that I felt very comfortable with the group of guys to have NEVER spent a full day with, let alone a week in another country.

My overall experience was phenomenal. The conversations I had with my brothers has definitely helped me grow into a better man than I was before embarking on this journey. I will DEFINITELY be traveling with the group again! Count me in!
— Travis Roberts
The trip was exciting from beginning to end. Our accommodations were beautiful, the view from our rooms were breathtaking, and the food was delicious. The activities were fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves the entire time. I am super excited about the next trip!
— Kaprisha Tunson
Man! That whole week was beyond amazing! I’ve never thought I would travel to Africa so soon but Passports Tatted made it happen! I don’t think you all would understand what I experienced until you go to the Motherland! The cultural experience was so humbling and educational! Besides my fraternity brother, I didnt know any of the brothers before I landed in Ghana. From the start, folks thought we’ve known each other for years just from the positive vibes, laughter, us looking out for each other and staying together everywhere we explored. One thing I can say is that all of those brothers made my trip worth it! We partied like we were celebrities at the hottest spots. I had a blast! I will continue to spread the word that Passports Tatted is on to something and you guys should check them out. They definitely exceeded my expectations!
— Tarey Sparks